Typical Reasons That Fiber Internet Carries Immense Value

business fiber internet

The term ‘value of fiber internet’ is often used to depict its apparent benefits, such as faster speeds and higher bandwidth. However, the real value of fiber internet rests in its broader societal and economic impact. This blog post tries to show that the value of fiber internet is deeper than just fast downloads and seamless streaming. The post will dwell beyond megabits and gigabits per second and explore ways this technology influences real estate value, business productivity, cybersecurity, and much more.

Increasing Property Value

When considering property embellishment that increases a home’s value, people usually consider traditional upgrades, like adding a half bath or installing a fireplace. However, a commonly ignored yet vital property embellishment in today’s digital age is fiber internet.   

According to Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) research, adding fiber internet to residential real estate can increase its value by up to 3.1%. This increase comes up to an additional $6,000 on a $200,000 home, aligning with the value boost provided by more conventional property enhancements.   

However, the FBA’s research goes even further. The research discovered a deep impact of speed on property value. In areas where 1 Gbps broadband was accessible, sale prices were found to be higher, an unimaginable 7% increase; contrary to homes located in areas where broadband speeds capped at 25 Mbps or lower.

Boosting Business Productivity

Business Fiber internet is beyond simple operational upgrade. It’s a tactical investment that boosts productivity, increases collaboration, allows innovation, and provides a competitive edge, finally driving growth and profitability in the dynamic business landscape.  

The value of fiber internet for businesses comes out in different ways such as

Boosting productivity

Faster internet speeds result in more efficient operations and smoother communication channels, in turn leading to elevated productivity.   

Nurturing effective collaboration

In the current circumstance when remote work and virtual collaboration have become the standard, reliable and fast internet is indispensable.  

Fast processing of large data sets

With the emergence of big data and the increased dependence on real-time analytics, businesses have to process large volumes of data rapidly and efficiently.  

At the same time, fiber internet can provide advanced applications and services like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), video conferencing, and cloud applications, assuring businesses can align with the current digital trends and meet their consumers’ evolving needs.

Strengthening the Cybersecurity

In a time where cyber threats are rampant and sophisticated, the necessity of a secure internet connection can’t be exaggerated. According to cybersecurity stats, a cyberattack happens every 39 seconds, and a single data breach will cost no less than 9 million dollars.   

Taking a different approach to copper-based transmission that uses electrical signals, business fiber internet uses light to transmit data. This means fiber connections are extremely resistant to common cyber threats. An attempt to intercept data on a fiber cable would entail physically tapping into the cable, an act that’s both challenging and easy to detect due to the loss in signal quality.

The Summary

From boosting property values and increasing business productivity to protecting against cyber threats, it’s obvious that fiber internet carries immense value.

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